Sustainability leader, technology professional, entrepreneur, business

Laura Friedman

Sustainability leader, technology professional, entrepreneur, business & life coach, speaker, trainer, advocate.

Purpose To Love People To Greatness and Serve God In All I Do

Available to speak on a variety of topics:

Leadership-centered – leadership; sustainability (personal and business), producing results; taking risks; setting and fulfilling goals; bringing out the best in others or yourself; character; integrity; being known; attraction; commitment; relationships; being vs. doing; effective vs. efficient; power vs. force; and more.

Technology-centered – leveraging technology to produce results; the good, the bad and the ugly of social media; the truth about SEO; choosing the right web designer; computer/internet security; the myth of internet privacy; WordPress Multisite design; using smart phones to manage life and business; website security; and more.

Faith-centered – kairos moments; listening to the Holy Spirit; having unwavering faith; raising moral children; being a woman empowered in the LDS Church; and more.

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Technology Professional Leverage Technology To Empower Your Business

Laura holds a Master of Sustainability Leadership, a B.S. in Computer Information Technology, and an A.A.S. in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management. Her technology experience spans over 35 years, working for corporations including McGraw-Hill, IBM, Morgan Stanley (Dean Witter), Litton Industries, Deloitte, American Airlines, SABRE and Gateway Church, before leaving corporate America to be a “serial entrepreneur”. While in the corporate environment, Laura’s responsibilities included software development life cycle, cost analysis, project management, system-wide technology upgrades, database conversion projects, operations planning and management, and vendor contract negotiations. Laura has a unique ability to learn new technology and communicate about it in ways that others understand, enabling them to leverage it for their business and personal goals.

Mission To recognize, promote and inspire the divine connection in myself and others. To inspire people to discover and pursue what’s in their heart with joy, passion, and discipline. To uphold and support trust, honesty, and integrity in all relationships. To foster communication, enhance cooperation, and unfold extraordinary opportunities all around me. To create, nurture, and maintain an environment of growth, challenge, and unlimited possibility for all.

Coaching & Leadership Development Your Time Is Now


Laura experience in professional coaching and leadership training and development for over 23 years, starting at Landmark Education in 1993. While there, she traveled nationwide and coached or led courses to thousands of people. She was a Head Coach and/or Classroom Leader for their primary leadership program, working with people on a group as well as individual level. She was also a Seminar Leader, leading large seminars of up to 150 people.

Laura coaches and trains people to achieve challenging goals and dreams without compromising quality of life. She has experience in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, corporate coaching, as well as city-wide and regional 6-month rigorous leadership training programs and 4-month seminars.


Laura’s view of the people she works with is based on Michelangelo and the Statue of David. The statue originated from a piece of stone that several sculptors tried to work with and couldn’t. Michelangelo took the stone and sculpted the Statue of David. He stated afterward:

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

For Laura, every person has a “David” inside them and it is the coach’s task to help the person discover it for themselves and chip away the parts of themselves that aren’t David.


Laura is a graduate of Coach University, being one of the first to enroll in their program in 1995. Her professional coaching practice has included business professionals, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs.


Laura has a direct approach when working with people, coaching from Tom Landry’s philosophy: “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”


Laura is a single mother of two adult children, with one still in college. Laura understands hard work, personal sustainability, taking risks, struggling, failing, persevering, succeeding, and transformation. She has a strong faith which guides her in life and business.


Laura’s faith is a critical part of her coaching. While Laura does not wear her faith on her sleeve and does not force her faith on others, she understands that setting and achieving challenging goals and dreams requires a commitment to something beyond the individual. After nearly 2 decades of coaching, she has discovered that achieving and sustaining success without burning yourself out requires a God-centered purpose.

Vision People In Harmony, Divinely Inspired, Committed To Greatness, Living From The Heart, Pursuing Their Dreams, Wildly Successful, Generously Giving, Loving Life.